In the much anticiated release, Dr. T.D. Newkirk gives to us a clear perspective of the prophetic that doesn't create an isolated "cult-like" experience. He gives us a perspective of the prophetic that supports five-fold ministry gifts and individual believers advancing the kingdom of God in modern times. Although T.D. Newkirk is a bona-fide prophetic voice in his own right, he's able to teach and train others to activate a prophetic flow within his or her own sphere of influence to see the outcome of grace and power. In Missing and Misunderstood, readers will learn: 


  • Exactly what the prophetic is and what it is not
  • What it means to be gifted versus being called 
  • Why everyone should be prophetic but most aren't called to be prophets
  • How to distinguish someone who is prophetically gifted from an actual prophet 
  • And so much more...  

Missing and Misunderstood