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Missing & Misunderstood

Reclaiming the relevance of prophetic ministry in the 21st century.

dr. td Newkirk


The prophetic is arguably the most misunderstood and abused concept within the kingdom of God. As a result, most people simply choose to live with this much-needed ministry missing in their life. For over 20 years Dr. T.D. Newkirk has been used of God as a prophetic voice for our time. Many have not heard of him, but for those in North and South Carolina who have encountered his ministry, he is a breath of fresh air in an often-misunderstood area of ministry. 

For years people have asked Dr. T.D. Newkirk to put his thoughts on the prophetic in book form that they might study deeper and grow. Finally, he has done so and this first installment titled Missing and Misunderstood gives us a glimpse into the prophetic understanding possessed by T.D. Newkirk and how that understanding increases our prophetic understanding. 

Unfortunately, many still ask, "Why do I need to understand the prophetic? I think I am a good Christian without that weird stuff getting in the way." Well, Jesus was not only a fulfillment of prophecy, but also a prophet himself. Additionally, the entire Bible is a prophetic book, so we are not to allow someone's immature approach to the prophetic separate us from what is clearly an inheritance for the believer. 


Travis Newkirk is a thought-leader on the prophetic ministry and its role in the kingdom of God. He's the founding pastor of Centrifuge Church in Charlotte, NC and founder of Kingdom University. Centrifuge is a growing body of believers with an appetite for the prophetic and discipleship. 

Kingdom University is a para-church ministry that exists to place believers in a context of radical discipleship and advancement of the kingdom of God. Pastor Travis has been in ministry for over 20 years, is husband to Anselita and father to Joshua and Harrison. He travels from Charlotte, NC.


What others are saying?

Very few people understand prophetic ministry the way Travis Newkirk does. His is an accurate prophet in his own right, but is able to teach others with such depth and clarity that he inspires other to become exactly who God called them to be.

Bishop Marcus Benjamin 

The Daniel Center of Leadership

Pastor Travis' prophetic gift and understanding mirrors those of old, yet he has a contemporary teaching style that impacts multiple generations. He has an awareness that forecasts the heart of God and seek 

God's presence even more.

Bishop RC Brown, III

Kingdom Fellowship of Ministries

God has used the prophetic voice of Travis Newkirk to provide much needed teaching and assistance to the body of Christ. All ministers, especially those operating in the Five-Fold ministry gifts, need servants such as Travis Newkirk to guide us in understanding the purpose and operation of the prophetic. 

Pastor Troy Brown, PhD

Victorious Life Christian Center 

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New Podcast

Build The Wall with Dr. T.D. Newkirk

We are calling leaders to the wall! Nehemiah and Ezra tell us that a city is not protected, and a temple is not finished until a wall of protection is built. In every episode of Build The Wall, host Dr. Travis Newkirk equips ministry and marketplace leaders with the spiritual tools to guide and protect the body of Christ in this prophetic hour

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